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[25 Feb 2009|08:59am]
Been really into this band lately. Reminds me of Ben Gibbard/Mark Hoppus, haha. This one is more of the Ben Gibbard deal.

I didn't make this video, by the way. Kind of lame, but it's the song I love.
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[13 Oct 2008|12:28pm]
Sarah I found your twin!!!

Maybe you'll be in the next Transformers movie instead.
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[03 Aug 2008|02:04pm]
I've been living in Santa Barbara for a couple weeks now, and I've never had so much fun.

I got a student loan and have been working hardcore.

I've met a boy who I like and is completely off limits, but I got my way.
Friends for now?!

I am loving the atmosphere up here.
I go to the beach every weekend and eat at Costco.
I eat Otter Pops for every meal.

I'm going to get crunk when I turn 21.
I stole some girl's ID so this weekend I am going clubbing on State Street.

Eric Blair and the rest of the sluts from the Valley came up to chill for 4 days.

I love this so much!!

Right now, it's Fiesta. State Street is just a huge ass party with Mexican dancers and eggs filled with confetti.
Every night all the people I live around smoke the reefer and I think I'm getting second hand high right now.

I'm going to break and I'm going to lose control.
I'm kind of scared, cause I've already caused myself enough trouble with my roomate?!?!


Single life is so much fun.
I made friends with 2 black girls and I am straight legit.

Still haven't taken that first sip of booze, it's going to be bad.

I never knew how wild I was until I moved out.

I love you fucks.
Come up and do sexy times with me.
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[16 Jun 2008|09:33am]
I have an extra ticket to see Death Cab and Rogue Wave at the Santa Barbara Bowl on June 24th. The person I was going with boned out. The ticket is 60 bucks if you want to go...kind of expensive, I know, shiiet.

I got an apartment with my friend Dawn in Santa Barbara. It's really small, but it's legit. It's on a cul-de-sac and at the end of the street there is a butterfly preserve and if you follow that trail it goes right to the beach.

I am soo stoked.

I will be moving in mid-July.

I will be having a party before I go.

I'll let you know what's up.

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[13 Apr 2008|10:35am]
Happy (belated) birthday Ryan!! The big 2-0

Wooooo! Only 4 days until mine!
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[10 Apr 2008|11:08pm]
I really want to see this:

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[09 Apr 2008|09:03am]

I better get used to looking at this, because this is where I'm going to be for the next 2 years.

Gia Lee Bandy
Admission Status:

You're Admitted!

Fall 2008 - Transfer
Admitted Major: Pre-Communication
College of Letters and Science

"Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty and staff at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I am pleased to offer you admission to the Pre-Communication major in the College of Letters and Science for the Fall 2008 quarter. Your selection from among a pool of thousands of qualified applicants recognizes your extraordinary academic accomplishments and exceptional personal qualities."
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[02 Apr 2008|06:24pm]

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes
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[21 Feb 2008|08:20am]
From this...

To this...


I bought my first car!!!!
Dealers aren't as grimy as I thought; I got them down from 15k to 12k with free tint!
I am so excited!! It's mine.
It has power everything and it starts when I need it to!!


P.S. I got accepted to San Diego State!!
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[01 Feb 2008|08:04am]

Bill Cosby is apparently releasing a rap album.

Katie West get ready for that one.

P.S. Happy birthday, Courtney!
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[24 Jan 2008|06:13pm]

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[23 Jan 2008|08:23am]
This is really gay on purpose. The quality got fucked up when I put it on the internet, but this is what happens when kids don't have any cable (internet or TV!!!) because a squirrel ate the wire.

I made a DVD of this and put it in my parent's player. They don't know yet. I think I made some pretty boss editing choices...slow motion, sweet music, and a handsome young man to play the love interest.

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[20 Jan 2008|11:04pm]
I'm going to Sea World this weekend!!!


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[04 Jan 2008|08:19am]
I've always found myself reading stupid gossip websites and tabloids, but stupid shit about celebrities should stay online or in the magazines, not on CNN or the news.

Okay, Britney is at the hospital!! I get it. I want to know what the weather is going to be like today, shit.
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[03 Jan 2008|08:33am]
It's so funny when people get drunk and do stupid, stupid things.
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[28 Dec 2007|07:09am]

I bought a dog!
He is a Manchester Terrier/Pug mix. I will post pictures soon enough. His name is Jack Hammer cause he was originally going to be my Dad's dog and he really likes power tools and the like, so Jack Hammer seemed fitting. Little Jack and I go on drives and walks and sometimes I sneak him into my room and we cuddle together in my bed.
He has a little curly tail and he prances like a horse but he looks like a rottweiler.

Christmas was aiiiiiight. David bought me my favorite perfume, the 1st season of Big Love, some black pants, and a book by my favorite author. He wrapped them so well I didn't want to open them, but he was getting frustrated so I just tore them apart. His mother got me a $25 gift card to Whole Foods. Yessss.

I got Dave an "I Love Lucy" calendar, a jacket and a shirt from American Apparel, and an Ipod Nano. I wrapped the Nano in a bunch of boxes and made the present look extra huge. One of the boxes was a Newcastle beer box and he was like, "SWEET!" but then I told him to keep going. He was a little bummed. Then he saw that one of the boxes was a car stereo box and he was like, "YES!" but I told him to keep going, and he got to the nano and I think he was completely not expecting it. Dave doesn't even know how to use it, so I have to teach him like he's Amish or something.

I have been accepted to 0 out of 5 schools so far. Applications are still pending. As soon as I find out where I'm accepted, I'm bolting, fo sho.

I went to the Little League show the other night and met a bunch of people I met a couple years ago who I used to hang out with a lot. It was a nice little reunion.

I've taken a hiatus from the gym; I've just been relaxing a lot. I've only have about 5-8 more pounds to go, then I'm going to work on a six pack that will hopefully not become a six pack, but a stomach that looks nice in a bathing suit. I'm not looking to be on American Gladiators or anything. Maybe America's Next Top Model....just kidding.

I've decided that I may go to law school. It's up in the air still, but I don't know. If I got my J.D. and decided I didn't want to be a lawyer, I could basically get hired anywhere regardless. It's only another 3 years and I'd be done by 25. It sounds pretty appealing, but I'll have to wait and see. Maybe I'll want to get my Masters in communication instead; ugh, I don't know.

Dave and I have been thinking about buying some type of investment property. We would live there and rent out extra space to other people, helping us pay the mortgage and what not. I'm waiting until Dave gets a full time job, then possibly we could look into foreclosures and hit up that market. If we could find something under $200,000, that would be ideal. I just know that real estate is going to take a shit this next year or so and I want to jump on that opportunity as soon as possible. I just don't know how plausible that will be after I take out $40,000 in student loans.

I deleted my Myspace. It's juvenile and lame, and there's so much spam. It's a waste of time.

I am a supervisor teller at work and when I transfer when I go to school, the company is going to (cross my fingers) promote me to Operations Supervisor. It would be a raise in hourly pay and a large jump in bonuses. If I worked there for another year or so, it would be awesome to put on my resume as a manager at a bank. Hopefully though, once I get my AA this spring, I can look for better jobs; like an advertising firm or a marketing agency and just work my way up the ladder there.

New Year's is going to be fun. I'm going to a party for the first time in a long time on New Year's. I've always had to work the next day, but this year I don't and my parents used to always make me stay in because the drunk drivers on the road scared them.

Drinking has become an easier thing for me to deal with lately. I've been learning that not all people that drink are going to become violent, inconsiderate fags. Or obnoxiously loud and annoying bitches. I think now that I've been around people that are older who drink; instead of the high school crowd, I can deal with it better. My work's Christmas party was fun and I didn't feel uncomfortable or lame at all. Drinking still isn't my bag, but when I'm of age, we'll see how it goes. I've never had that urge to even try anything, which is kind of weird; but maybe I'll go to Vegas with Sarah, when we're 21, and get fucked up!! woooooooooooo.

There are a lot of "we'll see"'s in my life as of now. It's kind of nice because I usually have everything planned out. I just can't wait to know where I'm going to school, so I can score a place and move in as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I annoy myself. I talk too much and get excited over nothing. But I've always been that way and I like that.

Well I gotta take a shit.
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[21 Dec 2007|08:08am]


I'm so happy. Now all I gotta do is send out my transcripts and wait to see if I'm accepted.

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[19 Dec 2007|12:18am]
Britney Spears's little sister, Jamie Lynn is preggers.
She's 16!!!!!

Good thing you got on Zoey 101 when she was in her prime, Irish.
They're probably going to cancel that shit now since she's going to be a walking beachball.
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[27 Nov 2007|10:40pm]
I'm so excited!!!

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[19 Nov 2007|12:11am]
I love having good talks with good people.

I want to break my diet and have some hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon.
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